Notarization certificate

This is to certify that the dataset or file referred hereunder was notarized at the date and time printed down below by the person identified as "signee"

  • Name


  • Date & time

    {{ dt*1000 | date:'medium' }}

  • Signee

    Storage Demo Corp.


The following details will allow you to prove the authenticity of the uploaded file. Using this information, you or a third party can authenticate the file even without access to the storage.


Information specific to the uploaded file: file name, MD5 hash, size in bytes and storage transaction number.



The value of SHA-2 hashing function applied to the value of DATA field including the braces and stripped of space and line break symbols.



Unique transaction ID in Ethereum blockchain. We use a private installation of Ethereum for this demo.



An address of a data notarization smart contract in Ethereum blockchain.



Address of the wallet that originated the transaction in Ethereum blockchain.



Date and time of the transaction stored in the blockchain in Unix format.


Merkle Patricia Root

Top hash of the Merkle Patricia tree. Stored in blockchain in Acronis Notary smart contract.


Merkle Patricia Proof

Data structure to validate Merkle root against key-value data. A HASH field is used as the key.


How to verify?

Step 1

Calculate MD5 hash of a file.

For Mac OS:

  • Open Terminal app
  • Type md5 followed by space and a file name.
    $ md5 '{{filename}}'
    MD5 ({{filename}}) = {{md5}}
  • Check that md5 hash from the Step 1 is equal to an eTag in DATA field in your notarization certificate.

Step 2

Copy JSON from DATA field and paste it in a file. Remove all spaces and new lines except symbols in fields.
Example of original JSON:




Step 3

Calculate SHA-2 of the file from the Step 2.

For Mac OS:

  • Open Terminal app
  • Type shasum -a 256 followed by space and a file name.
    $ shasum -a 256 my.json {{hash}} my.json
  • Check that SHA-2 hash from the Step 3 is equal to a value of HASH field in your notarization certificate

Step 4

Check data in the Ethereum contract

For Mac OS:

  • Open Terminal app
  • Type:
    curl HOST:PORT -X POST --data '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"eth_getTransactionReceipt","params":["TX"],"id":1}'
  • Replace HOST and Port to Ethereum node host and port, TX to TRANSACTION ID field in your notarization certificate
  • Check that data field in the result is equal to MERKLE PATRICIA ROOT field in your notarization certificate